A Voice
of Hope

OSTIA’s members are committed to providing a voice of hope by demonstrating what CAN be done – and by offering a toolbox of solutions to address key issues within the large and complex challenge Online Safety presents.

Too often the debate about Online Safety is focused around what cannot be done, what is technically impossible, and the conflict with other rights such as privacy and freedom of speech.

We seek to provide an alternative voice in the debate.


OSTIA’s members work together to ensure that policy makers and big companies have visibility of new innovations, new technology and best practice for online safety.

New thinking often comes from fast growing companies that can struggle to be heard on a global stage amongst governments and big tech companies.

We seek to ensure that collectively our member’s voices are heard, advancing the cause of Online Safety.


OSTIA’s members are committed to tacking the challenges and opportunities in front of them by working together.

OSTIA is passionate about bringing together all those with a vested interest to create more efficient networks nationally and internationally. This will include sharing knowledge and experience, showcasing member’s work

We seek to achieve more towards our goal of a safer internet by harnessing the power of networks.

“We welcome the growth of a safety tech sector that is essential to protecting children from abuse, and that can support companies deliver their duty of care to users of their platforms.
“The Government’s Online Harms Bill will be the first of its kind in the world and a thriving safety tech sector is vital to ensure the UK leads the way in child protection online.”

Andy Burrows, Head of Child Safety Online Policy at the NSPCC

Minister for Digital and Culture
Launch Speech

Launch Webinar


We believe:

  • That the internet should be a safe place for everyone, especially children and other vulnerable people.
  • That safety does not have to be in conflict user privacy or freedom of speech, thanks to increasing availability proven and reliable automated processes.
  • That where there is conflict between safety and privacy, protecting people from the most severe dangers should take priority.
  • That the public deserves to know what CAN be done to improve online safety and feel equipped to ask for more from online platforms that fall short.
  • In Informing policy makers about what CAN be done, to enable more effective legislation and regulation.
  • In working closely with charities, NGO’s and other organisations that seek to improve online safety.
  • That online companies should be proactively working to make their platforms safer places and new businesses and products should be designed with safety in mind
  • That we can accomplish more when we speak with a collective voice and send a positive message of hope.
  • That by working collaboratively we can avoid overlapping initiatives and better ensure our shared challenges are resolved.
  • In championing a solution focused approach by pointing to emerging practical and affordable solutions, some of which have been built by our members, that can improve online safety.
  • In working constructively with Governments and other regulators.
  • That by working collaboratively we can strengthen the online safety technology sector, helping established companies to achieve more, creating easier pathways to success for new entrants, and attracting new investment to meet the challenges.

We aim to:

  • Promote member companies with products that improve online safety to potential customers in the UK and Overseas.
  • Raise public, industry and government awareness of UK safety technology through press, PR across wide audiences in the UK. 
  • Understand common challenges around how we access data for training and testing our products and services, and exploring, proposing and promoting solutions for working with government and industry.
  • Persuade government to take a leadership role in developing and deploying safety technologies within its own extensive IT estate and supply chain.
  • Promote the importance of the sector and its growth potential to investors.
  • Collaborate with interested parties in civil society (including charities and NGOs in the UK and internationally) on initiatives to recognise excellence in online safety from platform and cloud providers; promote to parents and caregivers how they can help keep their children and other vulnerable users safe online; develop standards for best practice, and potentially accreditation for those that comply; and promote “safety by design” and emerging safety technology to developer communities in the UK and elsewhere. 




A UK registered company who’s principle business is developing and providing online safety technology to make the internet a safer place.

Age Check Certification Scheme

The Age Check Certification Scheme is an independent 3rd party certification scheme for providers of age restricted goods, content or services. The scheme provides a full conformity assessment in accordance with appropriate standards or regulations, testing and certifying that Age Verification, Age Estimation and ID Verification systems work. Age Check Certification Scheme specialise in PAS1296, GDPR and Age Appropriate Design Code audit and certification services.

CAP Certified

CAP Certified develops a community driven Child Authentication and Protection platform that empowers parents to have a greater say in their child’s digital safety. Their authentication services enable digital platforms to create a safer environment for children under 16.


CheckStep is a SafetyTech company providing a Platform-as-a-Service to manage User-Generated-Content. It provides a unique set of features that make it easy for platforms to customize their trust and safety need for their application, providing the privacy, security and accuracy their need. Its team is a world leader in the domain of AI against online harm and understanding of regulations.


Crisp defends global enterprises, brands, publishers and social platforms from weaponized communications and online harms. Crisp delivers an enterprise-grade solution trained on 15+ years of online harm detection which utilizes a proprietary predictive intelligence graph that discovers, tracks and predicts the spread of harmful content on messaging apps, social platforms and beyond.


Cubica is a leading UK research and development organisation specialising in machine learning, image and video recognition and autonomy. Cubica has been actively involved with developing technology to promote a safer world since its inception; a key specialism is the development of highly scalable systems for processing bulk media.


Cyacomb helps law enforcement, social media and cloud companies find and block harmful content. Its new generation of tools provides dramatically accelerated on-site or lab based digital triage for policing , effective protection for social media, cloud and messaging apps, and empowers governments to achieve policy goals.


DragonflAI develops pioneering algorithms for on-device moderation, keeping nudity off platforms by outsourcing computation to user devices.


Factmata was one of the first global companies tackling the detection of propaganda, hate speech, sexism, racism and narrative manipulation online. Their technology is used by leading communications agencies and platforms to ensure analysts can tackle misinformation, disinformation and trust and safety issues effectively.


GoBubble is a safe community for kids to connect with classmates and friends. Their moderated environment saves parent and teacher time, as well as giving peace-of-mind that every user is verified as a genuine child.

Human Digital

Human Digital work with government and global brands to detect, categorise and track harmful content to improve agile AI model performance and provide deep strategic analytics. Its human-led, tech-enabled approach combats the fast-moving challenges of sentiment, context, language complexity and platform visibility that occur across complex online ecosystems likely to contain harmful content.

Image Analyzer

Image Analyzer provides artificial intelligence-based content moderation technology for image, video and streaming media, including live-streamed footage uploaded by users. Its technology helps organizations minimize their corporate legal risk exposure caused by employees or users abusing their digital platform access to share harmful visual material. Image Analyzer’s technology has been designed to identify visual risks in milliseconds, including illegal content, and images and videos that are deemed harmful to users, especially children and vulnerable adults.


Logically is a tech company using advances in AI to tackle misinformation and restore trust in the news. They combine advanced AI and technical innovations with one of the world’s largest fact-checking team to empower people to uncover and address harmful misinformation and deliberate disinformation. Working with government bodies, businesses and social platforms, and providing consumer products, Logically aims to solve the issue of misinformation that is now so prolific around the world.


Moonshot CVE works to disrupt the proliferation of harmful online content and help the individuals most vulnerable to it. Their team of analysts, developers and project managers use fresh thinking and decades of experience from different industries to create effective, scalable solutions. Their work ranges from software development and digital capacity building, to leading global counter-messaging campaigns.


Opendium is a UK-based company developing internet filtering and monitoring solutions, designed specifically for British schools. Its systems help schools implement Safer Internet & Prevent guidelines.


Qumodo is a research and development company created to combine the best people, with the most powerful AI to build a better society. With a particular focus on online safety, investigations and data analysis, Qumodo offers expert training, scientific research and specialist products.


R;pple provides an immediate, vibrant display on a user’s device once they have been flagged as searching for online content relating to self-harm or suicide. R;pple is an online nudge technique which consists of a powerful message of hope and encouragement to resonate with the user, as well as providing a selection of mental health support resources in a range of different communicative options.

Rewire Online

Rewire combines deep understanding of online harms with state-of-the-art AI, offering unmatched power to find, monitor and intervene against toxic content. Rewire is led by Dr. Bertie Vidgen, an expert in harmful and dangerous online content. Our mission is to reduce the impact of toxic online content by creating socially responsible solutions to find, monitor and stop it.


SafeCast is a technology which enables the automatic filtering of inappropriate content away from children and vulnerable people on television and the internet by means of a Self Applied Content Rating system.


SafeToNet, is a multi award-winning safety tech company that safeguards children around the world from predatory threats such as bullying, grooming, abuse and aggression. They are passionate about safeguarding children everywhere and only exist to keep children safer online. SafeToNet uses artificial intelligence to advise & guide children in real-time and to filter risks before harm is caused. Crucially, SafeToNet provides advice and guidance to both children and parents, while always respects the child's rights to privacy.


Securium develops advanced cyber intelligence software and services to protect business and individuals, by using sophisticated content and conversation analysis to provide high value targeted intelligence.

Securus Software

Securus is at the forefront of keeping children safe online. They offer innovative and sophisticated eSafety technology to ensure the safety of students and staff online and maintain Government regulatory compliance. The Securus product suite allows schools, colleges and multi academy trusts to monitor all devices connected to their network.


Shaping is committed to protecting children in today's complex digital ecosystem by revolutionizing internet age regulation and providing real-time threat detection. In collaborating with strategic partners in the non-profits & education sectors, Shaping is able to provide real-world child protection support to parents across the UK.

Spirit AI

Spirit AI is a committed team of technology leaders who manage the growing and daunting challenge of online community conversations. We use the latest AI-driven, machine learning and natural language processing tool to evaluate huge volumes of chat in real-time to provide insights and quickly expose toxic behaviour.


SuperAwesome powers the kids digital media ecosystem. Their kidtech is used by hundreds of brands and content-owners to enable safe digital engagement with the global kids audience. Built specifically to ensure total digital privacy for kids, their technology footprint reaches almost half a billion kids.


TrustElevate provides secure authentication and authorisation for under 16s on business to business and business to consumer platforms. The first company to provide verified parental consent and age checking of a child, they also work to enable companies to comply with regulatory requirements, to make the internet a safer environment for children and facilitate a more robust digital ecosystem.


Unitary provides moderation to keep online communities safe by detecting inappropriate or unsafe material. Specialising in image and video analysis, using state-of-the-art computer vision technology, their customisable solution ensures that each community can set its own guidelines.

Vigil AI

Vigil AI is a pioneer in the development of technology for the detection and categorisation of children sexual exploitation imagery and video. Vigil AI has developed the Vigil AI CAID classifier technology which allows detection and categorisation of first generation child sexual abuse content at scale.


Yoti offers age and identity verification technologies, including AI-based age estimation of human faces and ID-document based verification solutions. Designed with scale and inclusivity in mind, these technologies help platforms and kids sites moderate users’ age and handle parental consent checks in a simple, sound and innovative way. Solutions are available to integrate via mobile and web APIs and SDKs.


Open to a range of companies or organisations that meet NEARLY all the criteria, including:
  • International companies with substantial ties to the UK and meeting all criteria other than location
  • UK Industry bodies that meet all criteria with the exception that their members rather than themselves principally build and sell safety tech
  • ActiveFence

    ActiveFence is the leading tool stack for Trust & Safety teams, worldwide. By relying on ActiveFence’s end-to-end solution, Trust & Safety teams – of all sizes – can keep users safe from the widest spectrum of online harms, unwanted content, and malicious behaviour, including child safety, disinformation, fraud, hate speech, terror, nudity, and more. Using cutting-edge AI and a team of world-class subject-matter experts to continuously collect, analyse, and contextualize data, ActiveFence ensures that in an ever-changing world, customers are always two steps ahead of bad actors. As a result, Trust & Safety teams can be proactive and provide maximum protection to users across a multitude of abuse areas, in 70+ languages. Backed by leading Silicon Valley investors such as CRV and Norwest, ActiveFence has raised $100M to date; employs over 280 people worldwide; and has contributed to the online safety of billions of users across the globe.


    The Age Verification Providers Association is a not-for-profit trade body representing organisations who provide age assurance services. The AVPA works to inform and educate the public, industry, and media, on age verification and age assurance solutions and technology. Promote a positive image of effective age verification and the age verification industry. Represent the industry to regulators and law makers for the advancement of best practice, socially-responsible age verification policy.


    Island23 help organisations design and build online communities that are safe, secure and scalable. They help clients select the correct technology for their needs, and deliver strategy, training and support that grows successful online communities and community managers.


    L1ght's anti-toxicity AI helps sites, apps and platforms protect from bullying, harassment, predatory behaviour, non-consensual use of images and CSAM, by continuously analysing millions of websites and user interactions for toxic messages, photos and videos. L1ght's standalone products are used by law enforcement agencies to expedite investigations and bring sexual predators to justice.

    Marinus Analytics

    Marinus Analytics is an internationally-recognized artificial intelligence company focused on protecting the vulnerable and ending systemic exploitation. Our mission is to serve those working on the frontlines of public safety, be they law enforcement organisations, private companies or regulators. We do this by developing technology to help them identify, understand and disrupt organised crime, human trafficking, child abuse, and cyber fraud.

    Modulate Inc

    Modulate partners with online platforms to create safer voice chat experiences. Their unique machine learning tools give platforms the ability to cost-effectively and privacy-respectingly scan for bad behaviour and react in real-time; and offers end users more control over what they share about themselves through their voices.


    NewsGuard provides credibility ratings and detailed “Nutrition Labels” for thousands of news and information websites in the UK, US, Italy, France, and Germany. NewsGuard products include NewsGuard, HealthGuard, and BrandGuard, which helps marketers concerned about their brand safety, and the Misinformation Fingerprints catalogue of top misinformation narratives and conspiracy theories online.


    Oterlu provides cutting edge AI technology and deep analytics to not only detect harmful behaviour such as harassment and bullying but also find the best ways of dealing with that harmful behaviour on a platform at scale.


    Privately develops privacy preserving technology to protect children online through a) automated detection of online threats and risks and b) through automated estimation of user’s age. Their technology can be integrated into apps, games and devices to keep minors safe in their environments while preserving their privacy and rights.

    Samurai Labs

    Samurai Labs is an artificial intelligence lab that focuses on tackling cyberbullying, online harassment, and other forms of cyber violence using AI in order to make the online world safer and more comfortable.


    Sentropy has developed machine learning technology that detects abusive user-generated content online. Sentropy works directly with platforms to find and remove abusive content to create a safer environment for users. Sentropy offers two products to enterprises (Detect, our ML detection engine) and Defend (a browser-based workflow tool for content moderators). We also offer a consumer product (Protect, which pre-moderates a user’s social media feed to proactively remove abuse) and some research-based tools.

    Spectrum Labs

    Spectrum Labs helps consumer brands recognize and respond to revenue-reducing toxic behaviours like harassment, hate speech, and radicalization happening within their online communities. Safe environments are positive environments; our platform identifies 40+ toxic behaviours across all languages in text and audio helping Trust & Safety teams to increase detection by 10X and reduce content moderation efforts by 50%.

    Two Hat

    Two Hat’s AI-powered content moderation platform classifies, filters, and escalates more than 100 billion human interactions, including text, usernames, images, and videos every month, all in real-time. We care about the health, safety, and wellness of the Internet, and believe in enabling the diversity of humanity to engage digitally in a more compelling, supportive, and optimistic way. With an emphasis on removing online harms including harassment, abuse, and hate speech, Two Hat provides social networking platforms with the tools to promote positive interactions and foster healthy, safe, welcoming, and scalable communities that increase user engagement and retention.


    Organisation or company, whose mission fully aligns with OSTIA  and with whom OSTIA may engage with on areas of interest and concern but are not OSTIA members. For example Charities with a strong interest in the online safety technology landscape.

    Oasis Consortium

    OASIS Consortium brings together the builders, creators and funders of the Internet to build trust as they step into a Web 3.0 world. Their global network of thought leaders and practitioners come from social networks, online gaming, dating sites and more representing every facet of the Internet – technologists, platforms, and advertisers – to create a new digital sustainability model for businesses to adopt. Oasis are the organisation behind Brand Safety Seals, a signifier of businesses that operate ethically in the digital world. OASIS Consortium also powers the Brand Safety Exchange podcast, which is a destination for digital user safety thought leaders. The podcast is in the top 10% of podcasts in the world. OASIS Consortium is a 501(c)(6).


    The WePROTECT Global Alliance is an international movement dedicated to national and global action to end the sexual exploitation of children online. Their vision is to transform how this crime is dealt with worldwide, to deliver more victims safeguarded, more perpetrators apprehended and an end to online child sexual exploitation.


    Ian Stevenson

    CEO Cyacomb and Chair of OSTIA
    Ian Stevenson is CEO of Cyacomb, a company helping law enforcement, social media and cloud companies find and block harmful content from paedophiles and terrorists.  Ian is a technologist and entrepreneur with 25 years’ experience bringing new technologies to market getting them into the hands of users who can benefit.

    Adam Hildreth

    CEO Crisp
    Adam started his first business in 1999 at the age of 15. Dubit was one of the world’s first social media networks. It went on to become one of the most popular websites for teenagers in the UK, and became one of the earliest firms to implement online safety tech. Adam subsequently worked with the UK government to develop the first online child protection laws; he then left Dubit to set up Crisp in 2005.  Today Crisp is the expert in weaponized communication defense. Crisp offers an enterprise-grade solution trained on 15+ years of online harm detection which utilizes a proprietary predictive intelligence graph that discovers, tracks and predicts the spread of harmful content on messaging apps, social platforms and beyond.

    Richard Pursey

    CEO SafeToNet
    Richard Pursey is a seasoned entrepreneur having successfully started and sold a number of technology companies in both the services and software sector. Following this success, he became an active private investor before founding SafeToNet where he is Group CEO. Richard has held various board level positions including NED for an NHS Primary Care Trust (Berkshire West) where he learned about mental health issues and the societal problems surrounding child abuse. He was Chairman of the Thames Division of the Institute of Directors and sat on the board of the Southern Division of the CBI.

    Anna Vartapetiance

    CEO Securium
    Dr Anna Vartapetiance is the CEO, Co-Founder, and Co-Director of Securium and Visiting Fellow of Surrey Centre for Cyber Security (SCCS). In 2017 Anna was acknowledged by the Home Office as an Exceptional Talent in Natural Language Processing, Cyber Security, and Data Sciences. She has a PhD in Computational Approaches for Deception Detection and Master’s in computer science. Since 2007, she has focused her efforts in designing and developing systems for “Safer Internet”, from prevention of online gambling addiction, to detection and prevention of online abuse.  Anna is an advocate of Women in Tech and Entrepreneurship and has received various awards including British Computer Society’s best speaker award for promoting Women in Computing.


    Our membership consists of UK companies whose principle business is to make the internet safer using technology, balancing profits and purpose.

    Our working group meets with stakeholders, including government, to explore the best way to create and fund OSTIA and its aims and objectives. Not-for-profit and public sector organisations with aligned missions and who broadly support our aims are welcomed to participate in an advisory capacity. To get involved or find out more, please contact the Secretariat of OSTIA, Kim Kingan at kim.kingan@ostia.org.uk

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