The safety tech sector: collaborating internationally to combat online harms

Ian Stevenson, Chair of the Online Safety Tech Industry Association (OSTIA) and CEO of Cyan  When the G7 meets in the UK, it will be the first time world leaders will have met face-to-face since the world changed (perhaps) irreversibly. But despite the pandemic being the priority focus for many leaders over the last year, other challenges have continued to […]

UK a leader in the global Safety Tech sector

The UK Government recently published the UK Safety Tech Sector: 2021 Analysis and Safety Tech in the UK: Skills and Capabilities reports which both highlight how British tech companies dedicated to making the internet a safer place are thriving. With more people than ever going online during the pandemic, the new research published last week shows the safety tech sector is one of the fastest growing parts of the UK’s tech industry:  […]

Why Online Safety Tech must take a front seat this Safer Internet Day

Each year, on 9th February, the online community comes together to mark Safer Internet Day. It’s a day which grows in importance as the years go by and online harms increase. Here at the Online Safety Tech Industry Association (OSTIA), we wanted to put our heads together to share our thoughts and expertise around the […]

UK at the forefront of Safety Technology

This week the government launched the Safer technology, safer users: The UK as a world leader in safety tech report. With more people than ever before spending time online during the pandemic, the report shows British safety tech companies are at the forefront of the global fight to keep them safe as they surf. The businesses and […]